Employer Overtime Compensation Fraud

A Workers Overtime Compensation Fraud Employment Attorney at the Pursley Law Firm will review the details of your case to determine the best course of action to pursue against your employer. The Pursley Law Firm has the ability to pursue claims for compensation fraud employee victims all over Texas; including the cities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. Compensation Fraud Employment violations can have an unfortunate impact on you and your family financially; an experienced compensation fraud employment lawyer is ready to discuss your case with you and how he can best assist you when your rightful wages have been denied.

Compensation fraud occurs when an employer hires you, attempting to use your services with a plan to not pay you once the services are completed. This includes not paying your regular wages, but also, not paying you overtime when you work more than 40 hours in a week. Although Texas is an employment-at-will state, this does not give an employer the right to refuse to pay you for your work, which has been properly completed, especially when you put in overtime. Particularly when your work is specified under an employment agreement, your employer does not have the right to fire you, if motivated by a desire to retain or misappropriate compensation for overtime that belongs to you. Also, your superiors in the workplace do not have the right to fire you, or lay you off, in order to keep commissions on the work that you have performed.

When an employer refuses to pay you for overtime, your circumstances may result in a breach of contract claim. However, if we discover that your employer or supervisor, planned to take advantage of you before hiring you, you may be entitled to claims under, common law fraud. This is a very complex area of developing law. The Pursley Law Firm can assemble a team of legal experts, who will thoroughly examine the facts in your case and assist you with determining what your ultimate legal recoveries under applicable law are.

Our firm uses aggressive litigation techniques, such as depositions, electronic document requests and subpoena power over documents and persons with relevant knowledge. If you have been denied compensation for regular wages or overtime which you are entitled to, please contact us for a case evaluation. There will be no charge for the initial consultation to determine if you have legal standing to sue.

Do I Have A Compensation Fraud Case in Texas?

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