Sexual Harassment and Workplace Technology

The Pursley Law Firm has a sexual harassment attorney that has experience in workplace technology cases that can pursue your claim and remedy any suffering you may have endured through this harassment. Workplace Technology Sexual Harassment is increasing in unbelievable numbers as there is more and more reliance on the internet and E-mail for business communication and international commerce. A consultation with a lawyer is often the best place to gain objective information on how to handle your current employment and circumstances of harassment.

E-mail harassment cases are on the rise and involve situations in which an employee sues his or her employer for sexual harassment based, in part, on E-mail messages the employee received and the employer failed to monitor. Reported cases of E-mail harassment are difficult to find and rarely go to trial because they usually settle once the investigator finds the incriminating E-mail. Typically, reported cases also involve invasion of privacy issues arising out of the employer disciplining an employee for improper, potentially harassing use of E-mail.

Increasingly, employees are using the Internet to conduct business and communicate with co-workers, customers, and others. Unfortunately, employees also are using the Internet to visit inappropriate Websites. As Internet use increases, employers are faced with new employee privacy, sexual harassment, and other liability issues that many companies have yet to address in their employment policies. An employer who fails to monitor Internet activity risks a situation in which an employee may electronically "pin up" pornographic or other offensive material at work, creating a hostile environment or other basis for a discrimination lawsuit. E-mail and Internet sexual harassment claims are often made by women, although women are not the sole claimants, the majority of adult content on the internet that many of the claims are based on is viewed by men.

Email and Internet communications can become an employment law nightmare when an individual employee downloads adult content or bulletin boards into the company's computer system. In such a situation, the employer could face multiple harassment cases at a time. It is a good idea that most employers have and enforce an electronic checklist for email and internet usage policy so there is plan of discipline they are able to follow when complaints are made. If you have experienced sexual harassment via the use of E-mail, the Internet or some other mode of technology that should be monitored by the employer, then contact a sexual harassment and workplace technology employment law attorney for assistance.

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